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Say “Hi” to A New Life, A New Habit

Time feels like moving at the speed of light; 2020 was just yesterday. Fast forwards, bring us to the 4th month of 2021. The pandemics caused a sudden change that impacts our daily lives; anxiety, insecurity, and midnight overthinking might be our mates lately. People said 24 hours means 8 hours for a job, 8 hours for family, and the other 8 is for resting. However, the boundary now seems vague. This uncertain situation with no end makes us anxious. It slowly destroys the usual order of an “old life” where we can just hang out with a friend, strolling around the town whenever we feel bored. To tackle anxiety and try to be alive while juggling daily tasks, I create my routine, which I hope can become a new habit in this new normal. Here what do I do so far:

1. Journaling

Sometimes my working hours could be so uneven and uncertain. I could work from 9 to 9, particularly during peak season. It is indeed draining my energy both physically and mentally. But journaling helps to manage my time, goals, including observing day-to-day moods. Based on the chunking strategy, I jot down my activity into two categories: To do and Done. To measure whether my daily list is achieved, I tick with green colors while checking x to something undone with a red marker. After fixing my schedules, jot down the goals and steps, believe it or not,  my life becomes more compelling while my life adding 1% progress each day by ticking the goals I set. 

2. Workout and Healthy Diet

Flexible working hours and no obligation to work at the office with specific time ranges might clutter our personal life. Back before, I used to sleep around 2.AM in the morning while scrolling on the crowd of social media mindlessly with sometimes snacking chips. I did this for about six months and gained surprisingly almost 12 kilograms of weight! A bad sleeping and eating habit becomes the most cause of unproductive life. Usually, I was sleepy and sluggish in the middle of working hours on the following day. Therefore, I commit myself not to eat sweets or fried foods for a certain period, work out every morning, and tweak my bedtime before midnight. 

3. Read and Write

I’m in an attempt to build writing and reading habits during my jam-packed schedules. It takes enormous effort as consistency is something that usually hampered me. I’m a bit more like a spontaneous person; I fancy sudden events and hardly responsible for what I start—that is why I bought a paid domain and hosting two days ago. I hope this gonna be my turning point to be serious with what I want: to be an author wkwkwk. 

I know it’s like a long journey to go, and I have to work my finger to the bone through the hills and mountains. In a writing session by Benperimen, an Indonesian writer who founded a movie review account mentioned that writing does need extraordinary talent. Instead, we need to have the nerve to force ourselves to draft a minimum of 350 words per day at least.  Back then, when I was in college, I used to write—a lot. But gradually, I lost the intention and drowned myself haphazardly in blurry things like I don’t know what I want, what I’m good at, and how it actually could pay my bills. Or simply people said the “Ikigai.” But now here I am—back home again. 

4. Learn New Skills Online

There are so many platforms that provide online learning in this 4.0-digital era. A thousand free online courses, starting from Coursera, EdX, or any online webinars conducted by free-brushed-up skill platforms or even language communities, are provided! For instance, I joined a night discussion with the BritzoneId community to nail my English speaking and listening skills. Besides free courses, the paid ones are also worth trying. For instance, I enrolled myself in Mandarin and Japanese courses to polish my language learning, especially for better understanding while watching C-dramas or anime. Moreover, other topics are also fun to be mastered, such as social media pieces of stuff, digital marketing, or even how to deal with burnout-or-psychology-related webinars. Learning online allows us to connect with everyone worldwide, absorb from the experts, and digest their knowledge to equip us with a better-life-starter pack, especially in terms of career.

Finally, we can learn that everything is like two sides of a coin; beyond an exhausting situation of pandemics, a bunch of chances to unleash our potential in one click away is there. I never know precisely when I could grab fresh air without being anxious about getting infected, it could be years. But the only sane thing I could do is bury the hatchet—accepting and start being agile while adapting to this new definition of “normal.” So take a break while keeping aware, the pandemic is not over—yet.

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